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Company Profile
IT Elite Inc is one of the fastest growing tech companies in the IT sector and a recognized service provider for wide array of industries.
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Our Team
Commitment to quality, professional service, best value proposition, quick turnaround time and client satisfaction are our top priorities.
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IT Elite Inc offers a full range of comprehensive IT services, including technology deployment services and enterprise support services onsite, nearshore or offshore.

We help organizations design, install, deploy and run their IT communications and network systems.

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IT Elite Inc provides services to a large number of companies in a wide array of industries.

We have clients in public and private sector across the nation many of who are Fortune-500 and Fortune-100 companies.

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Java Development
We are recognized for our expertise in Java development, and utilize the following technologies:
J2EE - Our Software Developers team actively develops web-applications using various application servers and web-containers. The most frequently used ones are IBM WebSphere, BEA Web Logic, JBoss, Tomcat.    
Separation of business logic from the presentation level - All Java web-applications developed by Our Software Developers team are based on cutting edge technologies, such as EJB, Hibernate, Spring. Their usage allows avoiding excessive reliance on java-code in JSP pages and to separate business logic from the presentation level. Apart from that, we use an extensive home-developed custom-tag library created in the manner of JSTL (with the standardized attributes and expression language support).  
Internationalization - Our Software Developers team has developed a convenient interface internationalization mechanism that can be used for existing projects and for tracking interface changes in project support tasks. In addition to foreign language support, this framework contains utilities allowing the end user to work in his/her own time zone and currency (with automatic currency converting).  
XML, XSL, XSL-FO - Our Software Developers team is expert in XML and XSL. A good example of utilizing XML and XSL is production of PDF-formatted reports using the XSL-FO open standard and its open-source adaptation Apache FOP (  
JDBC, SQL server (Oracle, DB2, MySQL) - It's hard to imagine a complicated application which doesn't use an enterprise database. Our Software Developers team has worked with different DBMSes - from MySQL and PostgeSQL, to Oracle and DB2.  
Hibernate - Hibernate is one of the major Open Source projects that greatly facilitates mapping of business objects to DB structures. Using this library provides a significant reduction of time needed for the development of code for DB interaction, lowers the risks of errors, and simplifies porting an application to other SQL dialects. Our Software Developers team actively uses Hibernate to reduce development costs, and participates in the development of this project itself when required for customer's needs.  
Java Advanced Imaging (JAI), Java Media Framework (JMF) - Image & Media processing - These tool kits enrich Java with functions for advanced image, audio, and video processing. A major part of this functionality is that can be used on any platform where Java runs.
Why IT Elite Inc?
Why IT Elite?

Key benefits of onsite softwaredevelopment are ....

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